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Group Practices Save Money and Gain Massive Exposure
AND, with our Exclusivity Guarantee you Block your competition in the process!

Affordable Solutions for Healthcare!

Medical Solutions

If you have a group practice, medical center, hospital, or other healthcare related facility and want to grow…We have a GREAT solution for you!

Why Doctor’s PRx ?

Join a game-changing company that is reinventing the way doctors and those in healthcare market their practice and/or services.

Our Public Relations and Digital teams bring together more than 200 creative public relations, marketing, digital, medical, clinical and commercial minds. Each an expert in their own right, yet committed to create better, smarter, faster and more cost-effective and creative approaches centered around public relations and publicity to more affordably and ethically market ones practice while presenting and promoting one’s self, practice and services to the right patients and clientele.

The Doctor’s PRx program for healthcare providers will drive more patients to your group practice, medical facility or hospital, faster and much more cost-effectively than the best-paid “advertising” or expensive marketing program out there. We can make your facility become a well-recognized, more credible and appealing environment in any small community, city, or nationwide. And, best of all, it comes with a written guarantee of results!

Stop wasting money on Paid Advertising, PPC, and Google AdWords!

Publicity, online exposure, social and digital marketing, high-impact floating landing pages, high ranks on Google and amazing proprietary marketing not only gets you noticed…it gets you more patients and clients!

Here’s how…Doctor’s PRx begins by creating solid Public Relations, media coverage and digital experiences for your group or facility as our client. We then combine your live media interviews on TV, Radio online news Blogs, print media, and use amazing technology with intuitive data–driven exposure to help you explode your practice exposure in a very profound and positive way online as well. Doctor’s PRx is solidly plugged-in to over 1.8M media contacts at the top media outlets in the U.S. alone. Plus, we sustain current access to a global network of major media outlets to facilitate international expansion if needed.

Yes, you can afford  MASSIVE, credibility-building media  exposure for your healthcare facility or practice!

A great PR program for your facility should include a far-reaching mix of credibility building exposure that includes a vast range of media coverage. Imagine, an affordable, yet well-connected, full-service, public relations firm creating great, on-going Publicity campaigns just for your facility or group.

At Doctor’s PRx, we are not just PR! Your coverage and exposure is all-encompassing, adds tremendous credibility, and is much more effective and lasting in the minds of your audience. Our services may be affordable…but do not underestimate our capabilities! Our all-encompassing services always include a mix of live television interviews; being invited to speak about your facility and/or services on live radio talk shows across America from the convenience of your office; being featured regularly in local newspapers and magazines without spending a dime on expensive and self-promoting advertising. Then consider the impact of the massive online coverage and exposure we create for you including, live healthcare related interviews, wellness related Podcasts and blog interviews, online exposure, social and digital marketing, high-impact floating landing pages, high rankings on Google and amazing proprietary marketing is what allows you to gain immediate recognition and client trust.

This is not self-serving advertising…Let us humanize you and your practice with real interviews featuring you and your practice . . . Being featured in live TV, radio and online interviews make a more genuine and lasting impact . . . Real publicity attracts more patients and customers to you like a magnet! New clients that pay, stay, and refer others!

Ask about our amazing rates for hospitals,
medical centers and group practices…

You cannot afford NOT to check us out!

Let us show you how we can get you and your practice featured on live TV talk show interviews, written up in newspapers and magazines, right in your target area! Best of all we do this without disrupting your practice or needing a team to manage time-consuming, less than effective practice advertising and marketing campaigns.
We get results…Guaranteed in WRITING!

Doctor’s PRx…

The smart option for Health Professionals that want to grow…

Market Exclusivity GUARANTEED!

Ask us about our special rates for group practices and medical centers

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