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Reputation Management

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We can help you safeguard and build a great reputation to attract more patients to your practice through more positive online exposure, patient confidence, awareness, and approval.

Best of all, if you qualify as our exclusive client in your specific discipline… there is no new software to buy, no expensive reputation management fee, or any extra work on your part.

That’s Right! As a Doctors PRx Client you sustain market exclusivity for your practice discipline, immediately blocking your local competition from participating at any level…and, we’ll help you build a great reputation in the process.

Want to gain a lot more new patients from the Internet?

We all know most new patients today find their practitioners on the internet. If you’re not coming up near or at the top of the first page on the search engines, your ratings are not 5-star, or there is even one negative review, then your medical practice, hospital, or healthcare related business has a problem. Now, if you qualify, the good news is this can be cured with a solid reputation management program. And, even better news we can save you a lot of money in the process.

Sometimes it is frustrating when you see your practice is not the one coming up near the top of the local searches. You know your patients tell you they love your care, your office and your staff. Actually, your patients think your practice, hospital or services are excellent. But what can you do to get more great reviews? How can you start coming up on the first few pages on searches instead of after 28 clicks!? And, how do you handle it if someone does leave you a bad review?

Take The Test: The best way to properly test your online status is simple. Just type in your web browser ONLY your city and practice discipline (no names or community) and search. Then see how far down on the first page does your potential patient need to scroll to see the first place you are listed. You may be in for a big surprise. If you are not coming up on the first page or two using this search approach…

CALL US! We can help!

Take the stress out of growing your practice

Don’t let one negative review hurt your practice!
We can help!

We simplify the process and respect your time

You take care of your patients – We take care of getting the word out

No Huge Reputation Management Fees!

No matter how great you are, a less than positive review happens to the best of us. And, sometimes, if it is not handled immediately, or handled correctly…it only makes matters worse. Then, that one bad review keeps coming up when potential patient’s and/or clients search for your practice or facility type. Of course, after seeing that one negative review, most potential patients just move on to the next practitioner on the list. And . . . it is costing you a lot of new patients and money! Those issues more serious than you may realize! They are costing you, your reputation, and your practice a virtual fortune. It doesn’t have to be that way and it does not need to cost you a fortune to fix it either.

When you are offered the opportunity to take advantage of our Doctors PRx public relations…we help you offset that problem starting from day one. That’s because when you start getting great public relations, lots of positive media and online exposure that one negative review can get buried almost immediately. Then, when those new potential clients search in your market…they see you moving up the rankings and fresh new positive media coverage featuring you and what you do in a more positive light, backing up what you really do, your number of new patients will continue to increase also giving you more of those great reviews you deserve.

Effective Reputation Management does not need to cost you tens of thousands of dollars with negligible results either. A great relationship with your patients builds better reviews and more new client referrals to keep your practice thriving. Our basic reputation building and reputation management services are included in all packages at no added charge of fee whatsoever…And, if a major issue arises immediate attention, for a negligible added fee, we can help you annihilate that practice growth inhibiter in short order.

Why our healthcare reputation management
system is so important and effective . . .

We help you gain recognition and credibility in your market among peers while cultivating good relationships with patents and start attracting more new patients to your practice like a magnet.

We have found that many of our potential good healthcare clients often do not recognize or understand the scope and value of our reputation management services. Unfortunately, before they have time to figure that out, the hesitation often allows their competitor to grab their practice category and block all others in their discipline from participation at any level.

Because of this hesitation, the competitor that took action becomes the one to be featured in the news, online and build a strong, more credible reputation, gain more positive reviews and grab all those new patients looking for their specialty or services. This is unfortunate as it is our firm policy to only serve and feature only one client in each industry-specific category in any market. Therefore, it is their direct competition coming up in the news, media, and online all over their local market. As such, more new patients looking for a practitioner in their discipline will typically select their next practitioner and make their decision on the doctors featured on the first or second page of their web search.

Don’t let one negative review hurt your practice!
We can help!

How and why our healthcare reputation management and competition tracking system works. . .

We begin by setting up incognito systems that allow us to track and monitor all of the local competition in your practice or business specialty. Your custom tracking system is set up to provide daily alerts on any activity such as rankings, reviews, etc.

This eliminates the need for you to Hire a reputation management firm that often charges $20,000 – $60,000 or more; or, for you to need to purchase and manage complex or time consuming software. Our systems are adapted for each client to automatically track and monitor your competition. Our systems also capture positive feedback and then generate automated reports of these good review for your practice.

Second, you’ll receive alerts if your patients are unhappy so that you can take care of them before they leave you a poor review. Wouldn’t it be great if the platform was easy to implement and use in your offices? It is. Once you complete the three-step setup process, we’ll provide you all of the tools you need to get your reputation management up to speed.

We show your staff simple and professional ways to ask and incentivize your patients for feedback on your site as well as asking them to also add positive feedback on the best online review websites such as HealthGrades, Google, Yelp and others. Once, you begin getting all that great feedback and start publishing to your website, you will also be pleased to see these great reviews start coming up on your floating landing pages virtually all over the internet as we harvest and track many of those great reviews from your site and others online and add them to a large number of great online review sites.

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