Doctor's PRx Client Services Agreement

This Agreement dated is between Doctor's PRx© (Firm), a Public Relations Agency specializing in providing extensive Public Relations and related services exclusively to approved healthcare practitioners in local Markets; and Client
First Name:     Last Name:   also dba: (business/practice)   Client. This Agreement specifies the services for which the Client engages Firm and the terms and conditions of the exclusive engagement.

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  1. Our Services: Our public relations and related services are designed to use live media coverage instead of expensive, often self-promoting advertising to make it easy and more affordable for any hospital, physician or health practitioner to focus on providing superior healthcare while we take care of attracting more new patients to your practice. Doctors PRx provides amazing public relations and publicity in the media for select doctors and others in healthcare only. (And, save you a lot of money in the process.) Since we accept only one practitioner per discipline in your entire market, this allows us to focus on you, your practice, and your prominence in the media and on the web in your entire market whether a local practice or a national network. After all, we can only create one, #1 in the media in any practice or discipline in any market. This document is provided to indicate our possible interest in promoting you and your practice discipline in the media in your market exclusively. If approved, you enjoy significant cost savings and market exclusivity as our Firm approves and guarantees to promote only one practitioner in each discipline and/or category in any market.
  2. Engagement: Client engages and retains Firm to provide greatly expanded media exposure through extensive Public Relations, Digital, Branding and other related services outlined in Addendum "A" attached to this Agreement. (The "Campaign")
  3. Client Category Exclusivity: Firm understands and agrees that this client shall remain the sole and exclusive Industryspecific type as specified herein and shall not secure another client in the Client market area in accordance with good marketing practices on a communitywide level in accordance with our written guarantee of market exclusivity.
  4. Contact Hours: Firms’ hours are 9 AM and 6 PM EST Monday – Friday with the exception of legal holidays. The PR Services Fee (as defined in paragraph 5 below) is premised on Firm's work being performed by specialized team members during a normal week and normal business hours, as well as after-hours and weekends as Firm deems necessary to fulfill Firms obligations hereunder. There is no added fee to Client should staff be required to work additional hours to meet tight deadlines as may be requested or required by the media.
  5. Campaign Start-Up Process: To promote quality services and on-time performance by Firm, Client will complete a private initial “Client Introduction Call” to discuss confidential aspects and issues pertaining to clients business which shall remain confidential by the parties.  A second Full Client Orientation Call will be scheduled with key members of Clients assigned PR and Digital Teams which is part two of the new client onboarding process.  Client will also complete the New Client Online Intake (Induction) Form to provide Firm with the information, photos and materials necessary for Firm to most effectively and accurately prepare client media kits, professional talking point documents, Press Releases, and related materials to effectively provide the Services under this Agreement.  Client will also be entered into Firms Client tracking systems and Firm shall embed client’s availability to specific media for interviews and authorization to be quoted in relevant publications which are essential for the Firm to carry out the most effective Campaign(s) for Client.

    Services Package Fee: Client qualifies for, and agrees to pay Firm, a reduced monthly Promotion Campaign Fee Rate ("Promotion Fee") for Firm's exclusive communitywide (or National), Public Relations and the essential related services under this Agreement herein. The monthly retainer fee amount herein is at a substantially reduced rate and Client shall continue to be “grandfathered in” at this rate which shall continue for as long as this Agreement remains in effect without interruption and shall not be affected by Firm’s rate increases. This offer is valid for seven (7) days from the date of this Agreement set forth above, and shall automatically revert to the full monthly rate if not activated within the offer time period herein. There are no other fees associated with this Agreement unless specifically requested by the client and under Separate Agreement. In this agreement, you will have the option to select any package you wish and our Campaign Exclusive Client Rate. However, understand you will retain exclusive rights to that significantly reduced Campaign Pricing locked-in for as long as you are our client in that category only. Think Big! See following pages for details, Campaigns and guarantee.

  • A. “Pull Out all Stops” – Full Publicity, Digital, Social Event Support Campaign
  • B. “City/Community Dominance” Publicity Campaign – + Digital, Social Support
  • C. “Alternative/Wellness/Holistic Community Dominance” Publicity Campaign
  • D. “Special Events/One-Time/Add-Ons” (Available to Existing Clients ONLY)