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Add 6-Figures to Your Practice Revenue!

Free Publicity Promotes You in The Media!

Never A Cost to You or to Your Practice!

Add 6-Figures to Your Practice Revenue!

Free Publicity Promotes You in The Media!

Never A Cost to You or to Your Practice!

FINALLY!  The Secret to NO COST,
Yet Meaningful Ways to
Grow Your Practice Revenues by 6+ Figures a Year!

Public Relations & Publicity

Get Noticed…In the News – Build Your Rankings – Ratings and Practice Exposure in a BIG Way!
Appear on live TV/Radio talk show interviews, local print media and more Our Full Body Imaging Practitioners can qualify for ongoing publicity on Radio, TV, Print, and Online

Learn how to host your own live talk shows to discuss medical, health and wellness issues that draw patients to your practice!

No more expensive, self-promoting advertising – Pay Per Click – Google AdWords
Stop wasting those precious dollars and get paid to grow your practice instead!

Find out how YOU can Qualify for Major media Coverage 100% Free!

We Help You Attract More New Patients to YOUR Practice

Become a local Testing Center at NO Cost! Bring full-body imaging to your patients and other local doctors to create lucrative revenue streams for your practice! Can test daily, weekly, monthly or periodically. Add 6-figures to your practice without spending a dime! Never a cost to You or your insured patients. No Medicare or Medicaid. Free Publicity to our qualified centers!

Become Recognized . . . As a featured speaker at CME accredited seminars!

Host Small After-Hours in-office educational meetings for patients and get impressive results plus enjoy an ongoing flow of quality Patient Referrals as a result.

Host After-Hours In-Practice Seminars for your colleagues and show them how they too may enjoy becoming testing centers in their market and earn six-figures for their practice. PLUS: You earn an instant $500 Referral Bonus for every practitioner bringing testing to their community. (Only 10 New testing practitioners earns you a $5,000 bonus.) Do as often as you wish.

Add other new therapies and testing services from major medical and therapeutic venues to determine and improve upon your patient’s conditions.

Could your practice become the next great Franchise?

Is Your Practice or Concept Franchisable? Many great healthcare franchises have emerged in the medical arena and that trend continues to explode. Franchises like “The Joint” started by a small group of Chiropractors now over 500 locations and growing; Relax The Back Franchise; Clear Choice Dental; 360 MedSpa; GNC Franchise; Nurse Next Door; Planet Fitness, etc. The list is endless.

Franchising for healthcare is another highly specialized industry requiring extensive expertise in the franchising industry. We work with the #1 Franchise Development Firm in the World! And, our in-house team can help you explode that new franchise across the U.S. and beyond. Best of all we offer financing and our corporate team brings extensive franchise sales, development and public relations experience, expertise, and contacts totaling centuries of experience in franchising on a global level.

Billions are being made in medically focused franchises…Is your practice or business Franchisable?

More on Franchising your practice, concept or business click here

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IF Qualified..all of those great services listed above that drive patients to your practice like a magnet can be available to you at no cost whatsoever!

Best of all . . .
You will never need to waste money again on expensive Google AdWords, Pay Per Click, Self-Promoting Advertising or spend a dime to create amazing ongoing revenue streams for your practice…

The Smart Way for Virtually ALL Health Practitioners to Gain Recognition in the Media, Better Results, and to Enjoy a Less Stressful, More Profitable Practice and NEVER Spend a DIME . . .