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Our History

Our History – Our Impact!

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Our History - Our Impact!

Initial Founding TeamThe firm began with an initial founding team that included an impressive array of passionate talent including highly skilled and seasoned, editors, publicists, writers, journalists, fact-checkers, researchers, and digital professionals with decades of PR, Digital, as well as medical and franchise marketing expertise. Our team has decades of experience in working with many well-known media outlets such as Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NBC, CBS and Fox News. This talent ensures that each franchising client, large or small, would benefit from a wide-ranging balance of insight, experience and proficiency, improved synergy, more cohesive and efficient execution — and, in the end we all achieved greater success and results for our franchising clients.

With over a century of combined experience in virtually every aspect of PR, the key leaders in this seasoned Public Relations team have worked together for decades and collectively since 2009 providing an array of public relations, publicity and digital PR services to the clients we chose to represent.

From day one, the team’s commitment was to select clients with a great practice, service or business concept, that had the desire and capabilities to grow exponentially and then, to position them and keep the success of those valued clients at the core of the firm’s existence.

As the team continued to attract a large number of new clients, they integrated a substantial amount of proprietary technology to include innovative ways to enhance virtually all areas of digital PR. During this growth phase, the firm conceptualized and created some amazing proprietary digital and technologically advanced tools that made it possible to accelerate the impact, coverage and results for clients from the use of this proprietary mix of publicity, digital PR technology, proprietary innovations and expertise. This approach proved so successful the team continued to attract more clients based off the results and success of this program. Great clients that stayed, paid and referred others, including many adding the firm’s services to their National Advertising for their local franchise owners across the U.S.

This team supported and backed by a large number of former client physicians, collectively decided to redesign this amazing program to offer an even more affordable way to include small practitioners, and related business owners as well as including independent franchise owners in our client mix.

The goal was to create a more affordable and effective way for health professionals to stop wasting money on traditional old-school advertising methods and to provide them with a more affordable, highly effective solution.

We have now developed an affordable way for any practitioner to stop wasting money on traditional advertising and expensive online approaches that no longer work. We are currently in business prelaunch and will officially launch with our Corporate offices in Hollywood Florida in September/October 2019.

It is important to Note: Due to the nature of professional Public Relations and advanced digital technology, we limit the clients we invite to participate, to allow only one exclusive client in each industry-specific category in each market and/or community.

We are collectively and passionately committed to build each client’s exposure to ensure they become the top rated in their industry in their entire market. We accomplish this lofty goal as we set realistic goals and guide you through the process. After all…their can only be one number one in your market…as our client we are dedicated to helping you easily achieve the results you can expect and deserve as you are on your way to becoming that ONE number ONE in your industry in your market.

We are so confident in each client’s success that we back it up with a written guarantee of success to each and every client we accept.

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Client exclusivity guaranteed. Once you enroll . . . your local competition cannot participate in your market at ANY price!

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