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Our Doctors PRx healthcare Public Relations and Online Media Relations specialists have worked with thousands of doctors in the United States as well as in several international markets over the years. First it is important to understand, Doctors PRx is not an advertising agency, nor do we sell or place any form of paid advertising, technology or services that are not only expensive, but often take up your limited time or that of your staff. We do not take shortcuts, nor do we rely on expensive, paid advertising as it often portrays our clients in a self-serving role that we have found is often not conducive in building a good reputation or sustainable practice.

Doctors PRx specializes in developing and implementing proven public relations programs online and offline that delivers measurable results for our clients. We are a highly personalized and client centered Public Relations Agency specializing only in healthcare. We have built a talented and experienced healthcare public relations,digital, social, digital and online technology team dedicated to use our innovative tools and services most effective in attracting new patients and new referrals to visit your website, call for appointments and because of the publicity, become loyal patients that stay, pay and refer others.

At Doctors PRx it is our mission to get each practitioner recognized as the best of the best in their practice discipline in the local media and now only accept one practitioner in each industry specific practice discipline in each campaign market to accomplish this goal. Doctors PRx selects our clients carefully because once we have selected that client and enter into our special promotion rate agreement with them; we are locked in to that low rate for as long as they remain our client. In other words, once you become our client you have blocked all of your local competition in your industry-specific category from participating in our campaigns at any level. You demand the BEST for your patients and/or clients… We make sure they know it!

What We Do

Our main focus is Public Relations for any health professional wanting to grow a more successful practice. Doctors PRx specializes exclusively in providing amazing top tier full-service agency public relations, publicity and media coverage as well as enhanced digital, social and other proprietary online exposure specifically for doctors and other healthcare clients. We do this by creating highly effective, very low-cost, full-blown, long-term, healthcare focused publicity and online media campaigns in markets that we have targeted for immediate launch.

Doctors PRx works almost exclusively with clients that are members of their local Chambers of Commerce. Most clients approved for our campaigns are “by invitation only.” This means they are pre-screened and vetted prior to our inviting them to be featured in the media on an ongoing basis in their respective communities.

Over the years, in becoming more in tune with our doctor’s needs, their limitations on time, and often their budget, we realized there were many ways we could make our services even better! Working together with many of our practitioners, we have now advanced our proven processes, refined more streamlined systems and technologies to greatly enhance their results. This has also proven to also save them time, and a lot of money in the process.

For our elite group of clients only we also offer a wide range of amazing yet low-cost ancillary products and services such as; responsive HIPAA compliant videos and affordable custom responsive websites, fillable online patient forms, practice videos, educational, informational or teaching practice brochures and more.

Public Relations – Live Talk Show Interviews – Automation
Floating Landing Pages Social Media – BLOG – ALL ABOUT YOU!

One of our key automation advantages is our amazing proprietary online floating landing pages that feature the media coverage we create for each practitioner. This feature alone ensures our exclusive clients are coming up all over the internet and in the search engines in their exclusive market. An added benefit of this approach is not only in building your visibility and web rankings, but also assists in reputation enhancement or even repair.

We are clearly committed to maximizing documentable results while saving our client’s time and money in every way possible. Because of this, there is no large upfront retainer and our low rates come with a written guarantee of results and market exclusivity. To maintain our integrity as a highly ethical agency, we do not sell advertising, nor do we recommend investing in PPC, Google AdWords or anything that would add an additional financial burden to our clients.

In many markets we also offer private CME accredited seminars for, and by, health professionals throughout the U.S. In addition, our active participation in many events and trade shows sponsored by various hospitals, organizations and specialty specific medical/healthcare organizations and suppliers provide our practitioners who are often invited to participate in, or speak at these well-attended events.

It begins with getting each of our Doctors PRx clients invited to be featured on live television and radio talk shows; in local newspaper and magazine feature stories and mentions in relevant local health related articles. We are a medical public relations firm with decades of experience in getting our clients featured in as a recognized expert in their practice. In fact, over many years we were proud to say that we had never had a single healthcare client cancel or discontinue our services…EVER!

Over the past several years, we worked together to establish and streamline many of our proprietary and groundbreaking technologies and programs to make us even more effective and efficient in a way that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Working together our specialists have now advanced our proven processes, refined our more streamlined systems and technologies that have proven to greatly enhance their results, but also saves them time, and a lot of money in the process.

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