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Have questions? Here you will find answers to many of your questions about our Full Body imaging services and how, combined with publicity, can make a tremendous difference in your exposure, credibility and practice income. For more information on how to attract more new patients to your practice like a magnet and to enroll, please complete the Contact the agent that made you aware of this program and we will set up a time to discuss your advantages, options and qualifications.

With nearly 40 years of experience, American Imaging is proud to provide their services to Physicians, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Primary Care Physicians, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers, Hospitals, Neurologists, Radiologists, Primary Care, Rheumatologists, Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, Urgent Care and many other highly qualified facilities throughout the entire country. (Also Worker’s Comp, Auto Accident, Personal Injury.)

Our testing is CLIA Certified Provided at your practice by our Clinicians

Whether you are diagnosing and treating radiculopathies, carpal tunnel syndrome, or peripheral neuropathies, our experienced Doctors provide valuable results.

Nerve Conduction
Establish baseline values for severity of injuries and nerve damage in your patients. Our physicians also utilize NCV testing to follow up on patient progress and treatment effectiveness.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
Our licensed sonographers utilize GE Logiq ultrasound equipment for the highest quality images. Our team of board certified Radiologists provide results within 24 hours.

Extremity Ultrasound
We provide soft tissue and musculoskeletal extremity ultrasounds including shoulder, knee, elbow, ankle, foot, and wrists. Our reports provide detailed insight regarding soft tissue and muscle damage.

Vascular Ultrasound
Our licensed vascular sonographers provide arterial and venous ultrasounds as well as doppler. We use only GE Logiq ultrasound systems for the highest quality images and results.
We provide you with a full, professional report which is extremely helpful to you in helping your patient see their progress, and, as documentation for the  attorneys, should litigation be necessary.

What makes our services exceptional?
With 38 years in the diagnostic testing business American Imaging provides service of
the highest quality keeping the best interests of your patients as our number one priority.

Call us at 800-270-7816

Are you a Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, or Physician? We can provide you additional income for your practice. See what we do below.

We Come To Your Practice:   We arrange for our skilled technicians to come to your practice. They are available to serve your testing needs 7-days a week as needed. The Clinicians bring all of the latest, state of the art diagnostic testing equipment and need only a small space in your facility to administer the non-invasive, CLIA Certified testing procedure. The doctor is not required to be present during the initial testing process.

Experience the Benefits:  Accurate Diagnosis, Quality Care, Fast Turnaround Time.  American Imaging offers diagnostic testing that allows our physicians the tools to clearly determine the exact cause and severity of discomfort, pain, and any nerve damage that may be present. By utilizing the latest state of the art equipment our technologists can provide the most valuable results to our referring physicians.  Our staff of board certified Neurologists, Radiologists, and Cardiologists interpret the data and images from each test we perform to accurately diagnose your patients.

  • American Imaging implements strict quality assurance guidelines with each and every aspect of our business.
  • All equipment is tested and calibrated every six months to ensure accurate readings and results.
  • Our technologists are also very experienced in patient care and hospitality and always put your patient’s best interests as top priority.

American Imaging strives to provide results and interpretations within a 48 hour period for most procedures. In the event the referring physician needs a stat read or has an emergency situation, our reading doctors can typically provide a report within 12-24 hours.

The ability to turn results around within this time frame can only be achieved by having everyone on the same page.

Our technologists upload all data to our servers immediately after the testing day is complete and once the data is processed it is then sent out immediately to our interpreting physicians.

Not at all! Our licensed technicians come to your practice and perform testing in the comfort and convenience of your office utilizing state of the art equipment for both Neurological and Ultrasound testing.  We are able to test 4-8 patients per testing day depending on which tests are ordered. All tests are interpreted by board certified neurologists or radiologists and the final interpretations are sent to your office in 2-3 business days.

Call your Doctor’s PRx Representative and set up a day of testing with no obligation to you and experience the value first-hand!

With your urgent care center, medical or chiropractic practice, med-spa, hospital, and/or nursing home facility, you can use the American Imaging testing for both a source of income and a plan of treatment on each patient whether they are new patients or existing. You are not required to be present during the testing.   You would get from American Imaging; under a Fair Market Lease $1,000 per day of testing and you would make another $500-1,000 per consults in going over the reports with the patients. Thus you would make $1,500-2,000 per each day you test with Ai. They accept most insurance and they would help you also to get more patients from personal injury attorneys in your area if you would like.

If you qualify, as a Doctor’s PRx  Client, you will never spend any of your own money for the testing services whatsoever. And, it pays you very well to bring the CLIA Certified Testing to your community!

Contact Doctor’s PRx Representative for more details.

You may schedule as many days each month as you wish that you can guarantee 5-8 patients will be present for testing.  Again, the testing and all equipment is provided by American Imaging and, again, the practitioner is not required to be involved or present for testing to occur.  The more extensive the Doctors PRx publicity package you use, the more testing days you are more likely to fill.  Adds tremendous resale value when looking to retire or sell a practice as well. Call your Doctor’s PRx Representative for more details.

Yes! As long as there is a doctor involved with each location you may schedule as many testing days each month as you wish at each location that you can guarantee 4 -6 patients will be present for testing.  Again, the testing and all equipment is provided by American Imaging and, again, the practitioner is not required to be involved or present for testing to occur.  The Doctors PRx publicity package you use may be targeted for maximum benefit based upon your scheduling and objectives. We can help you get there.  Call your Doctor’s PRx Representative to help you define the ideal publicity strategy just for YOU.

Doing a testing or two each month is good. Doing a LOT of testing’s each month is a home-run for the right practitioner with an extra small office available! Using our Publicity campaigns to the max, you can get the word out to and entire community and/or city AND the practitioner becomes a recognized medical celebrity in the process. This approach has so much value to the right practitioner wanting to maximize your income with minimal cost and/or personal involvement.  You may schedule as many testing days each month as you wish at each location that you can guarantee 4-6 patients will be present for testing.  Again, the testing and all equipment is provided by American Imaging and, again, the practitioner is not required to be involved or present for testing to occur.  The Doctors PRx publicity package you use may be targeted for maximum benefit based upon your scheduling and objectives. We can help you get there.  Call your Doctor’s PRx Representative to help you define the ideal publicity strategy just for YOU that will get you where you want to go financially in short order.

Why our Marketing and Publicity services are so important to this program and what is included?

  • What does Public Relations do for Me? My Practice?
    Attracts more attention and drives more great new patients to your practice for the services you provide. Also makes the entire community aware of your CLIA Certified Lab Testing Services.
  • What type of Publicity do I receive?
    • We offer many affordable full-service public relations packages with our program to drive more new patients to your practice for your specialty and for testing and treatment.
    • You would have major public relations, digital and media experts keeping you, your practice and services in the news constantly.
    • We will design a special and affordable PR package to help you kick-Start your program, achieve your goals, and, keep your practice and testing services in the public eye.
    • Special rates for multiple locations.
  • How does publicity help me get more patients?
    • Creates tremendous credibility and exposure throughout your market and keeps you and your practice in the public eye constantly without expensive, ineffective advertising.
    • Our targeted Publicity is supported by other marketing methods that also focus on making attorneys aware of your testing services.  This approach has proven to not only add more testing participants, but to also take advantage of the therapies and treatments they many need that you provide.
    • Significant increase in testing days and a lot more money in your pocket.
  • How does publicity create more income for my practice?
    • More referrals and new clients from constant media exposure
    • Added income from testing services
    • Additional income from their need for your other services
    • Builds tremendous patient trust and credibility
  • Why would Attorneys send their accident clients to MY practice for testing?
    • Attorneys need credible validation for their clients for court documentation.
    • Attorneys need to make sure their clients are being treated properly for the injuries they have sustained.
  • Do you provide marketing materials and other ways to help me get the word out?
    • Nothing builds exposure, credibility and demand for your practice more than the media coverage we provide for you
    • We do it all for you

Request a proposal…Special Low Rates for this category!
Or call us for immediate assistance at 800-270-7916

Attorneys can become a virtual goldmine for our practitioners. In partnership with American Imaging, our Doctors PRx publicity services to get the word out and AI’s attorney acquisition support creates an almost immediate and long-term amazing revenue source for all practitioners.  Here are just a few of the key factors involved to seriously consider…

Attorney’s need credibility and medical validation of each injured client’s condition.
AI’s testing provides the credentials the patient and their attorney requires when in court or when negotiating a solid settlement.
The injured patient will also require continued treatment for their injury to manage pain and improve the condition long term.  This is often important in regard to settlement value as well.
You, as an AI practitioner benefit in every financial way possible and can feel good about your ability to help the patients in their recovery and healing processes.


First:  AI provides all the medical forms, and documentation you need to serving your patients as well as a wealth of templates for brochure’s, handouts, and more.
Then: Doctor’s PRx provides you with amazing publicity and media exposure essential to not only get the word out but to provide you with consistent media coverage, exposure and credibility to take it over the top and as far as you want to grow.

It’s simple! Contact your Doctors PRx Rep and we will discuss your goals and objectives and create the perfect publicity campaign to suit your budget and growth objectives. Then, we will introduce you to one of the founders of AI…this amazing 40+ year old company and set you up to create a rewarding and more profitable practice in short order!

Call us at 1-800-270-7816 today and watch your practice grow and flourish without all the stress in the process. Do not delay; availability is limited in each market.

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