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Many Affordable Options For Alternative Practitioners!

Doctors PRx offers amazing public relations and media services for a variety of diverse holistic practitioners with long lasting results. We begin by examining all of the services offered and areas of expertise and then design our approach in innovative ways to use the media to create more awareness and appeal to the services offered. We then ensure that each holistic practitioner and their area(s) of expertise are featured in a wide spectrum of the media. We have found that many alternative practitioners find public relations provides them with the proper platform to demonstrate their services in a more credible way when using public relations rather than advertising.

Although extremely affordable, Doctors PRx ensures this approach and our affordable promotional rates for the holistic client, includes all of the features needed for profound and consistent practice growth. This package includes a guarantee of live media coverage on a myriad of exposure points for you and your practice. Each month, depending on the package you select, the mix of media coverage will include two or more events of you and/or your practice being featured in the media such as; interviews and quotes as a local expert on your area of expertise; appearing on local network television and/or radio talk-show interviews; in media Blogs and podcasts; newspaper and/or magazine feature stories and/or frequent mentions in the media; and more.

This massive credibility-building exposure for our holistic and alternative practitioner is profoundly effective. Our public relations teams use an infinite range of documented digital, social and online venues that has a profound impact on the credibility and consumer appeal of each unique client. We draw upon many of our diverse media, marketing, social and digital professionals, to create a customized ongoing mix of media and digital best suited for enhancing the exposure and appeal of each unique holistic client. Collectively each campaign engages a diversity of media and digital methodologies to attract more of the right new clients and patients through a well-planned, ongoing, and affordable public relations strategy. Each client, service, and benefit offered being featured in the most compelling way ensures continued media exposure to appeal to and attract more patients to their practice.

We invite you to learn more about the client acquisition challenges we address for our holistic clientele and the exceptional and affordable solutions we offer that serves them well.

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