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About Doctor’s Prx

Health Practitioners . . .

Do you want more patients? Cash patients that stay, pay, and refer others? In today’s growing cash-pay healthcare environment, patients have more choices now than ever in selecting their healthcare providers and services.

Doctor’s PRx keeps each exclusive client highly visible while enhancing their reputation and stature significantly in their desired community. A story featuring a local doctor on a live TV talk show interview or the doctor being featured in a city or community newspaper is not only more trustworthy, but also far more cost-effective than expensive paid advertising, Pay Per Click, Google AdWords, etc. After all, ANYONE can buy an ad. We make our clients “Rockstars” in the media!

Best of all there is nothing for you, or your already overworked staff, to do… to learn… to implement… to manage…or monitor. We do it all for you! (Except your interviews!) And . . . we even back it up with a written guarantee of documented results!

Doctors PRx is truly different. We continue to provide practitioners with many proprietary, complaint, income-producing add-ons to enhance our client’s reputation, identify, exposure and most of all profitability. Proprietary features, products and services such as enhanced automation and technology as well as otherproducts and services that are most often provided at no cost to our clients, yet make a powerful impact on their bottom line.

Health Practitioners . . .

Health Practitioners

We elevate your healthcare practice or business by keeping you in the public eye in a way that enhances credibility and presents you as a true professional.

What We Do . . .

Doctor’s PRx . . . The PR Prescription for practitioners that want to GROW!

We Can Help You Grow Your Practice.

Our highly-skilled Doctor’s PRx writers, journalists, and publicists have the right connections and know how to present each client, your practice and your accomplishments in a way that gets you tremendous recognition and credibility in your community. It also makes you the envy of local doctors as you continue to get invited back for more live, patient attracting interviews. Our laser focused approach gets you featured in the media more often and is much more genuine and credible.

We are aware that many agencies often like to add expensive paid advertising to the mix. This approach is not only extremely expensive, but also risks making you appear more self-serving. Agencies may do this to enjoy the 20% agency kick-back they receive on your “paid” advertising. (Often, at the risk and expense of your reputation.)

Doctor’s PRx serves medical, healthcare, lifestyle clients and facilities exclusively. Our credible media coverage and online exposure builds name recognition and exposure, while saving you a lot of money in the process. Specializing in credibility-building public relations, media interviews and live appearances for health practitioners, supported by digital and social enhancements we provide the validation and credibility your practice needs.

Doctor’s PRx specializes in Public Relations for Healthcare – NO paid advertisement of any kind. No matter how cleverly disguised, paid advertising in any form is often perceived as self-promotion and, as a healthcare professional this does not humanize you as an individual nor as a professional.

Difference Between Paid Advertising and Public Relations

Doctor’s PRx© . . . The PR Prescription for practitioners that want to GROW! We become your strategic new client acquisition and credibility building-partner in today’s competitive healthcare new patient acquisition environment.In healthcare using great publicity and event-driven media coverage is much more powerful and creates tremendous credibility for our clients. Doctor’s PRx makes sure our clients enjoy the celebrity status and also in knowing they have exclusive rights in their entire market to all this publicity if first to sign.

Consistent, ongoing media coverage in a variety of media outlets in your market enhances your credibility while adding tremendous appeal to attract more new and loyal patients to your practice.

How it Works . . . Doctor’s PRx launches Major Media campaigns in very specific and targeted markets. We determine the disciplines best suited to benefit most from being featured in the media throughout their market and work typically through the local Area Chamber of commerce membership and referrals to select what we feel are the best possible clients to represent in that market.

NO Paid Advertising

NO Pay Per Click!

NO Google AdWords!

NO Month to Month
Written GUARANTEE of RESULTS or next month is FREE!

We get our Clients Recognized as Healthcare
“Rockstars” in the media!

Huff Post Healthcare Client Interview-
Houston Franchise Expo, TX

Our Healthcare Client Interview - Houston Chronicle Franchise Show Houston, TX

What makes us unique is that we will feature only one practitioner in each discipline in the entire market. Since we only feature one practitioner in each discipline, once a client in that discipline is approved, then all doctors in that discipline are no longer considered for the campaign. Our client screening process is simple, we contact those we would like to promote and send them information about the campaign. .

Doctor’s PRx is far more that a PR Agency! Doctor’s PRx services gets our doctors and healthcare clients featured on a much wider variety of media. Such as, live TV interviews (such as ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Etc.); Radio Talk Show interviews, local newspaper/magazine feature stories, getting them quoted in medical, health and wellness articles, creating live podcasts, as well as ensuring they are coming up virtually everywhere. Since our practitioners enjoy total market exclusivity.

Doctor’s PRx remains laser focused on developing and executing strategically targeted press campaigns and online branding to feature our exclusive clients as emerging or recognized leaders in their own particular sector. We do this through developing and implementing inventive healthcare public relations agency services with a more focused appeal to the diverse media sources as well as to your potential patient’s, clients, and buyers.

FINALLY! A full-service public relations and digital PR firm that my practice can afford!

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