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Experience the benefits of full-service Public Relations and Publicity in the media for your Practice!

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About Our Company

Doctor’s PRx is the most affordable PR firm on the market today Specializing only in healthcare.

Be featured in the news, magazine articles, feature stories, appearing on live radio and TV talk show interviews, block your competition and save money in the process!

Imagine . . . You and your practice being prominently featured in patient-generating, credibility-building, live network television & radio talk shows on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, MSNBC, etc; local newspapers and magazine articles featuring you and your practice; you being featured in live network news, blog interviews, Podcasts, and imagine all these media clips and articles coming up all over the Internet in your entire market when a patient is looking for a provider in your practice discipline…

 And . . . Best of all…Imagine…YOU saving a lot of money in the process!

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    Boundless Innovation

    Some Firms will promise you the moon…
    We can actually deliver it

    Doctor’s PRx

    . . . Not Your Typical PR Firm!

    Doctor’s PRx takes the mystery out of getting great Publicity and Media Coverage for our exclusive clients. We do this with major public relations supported by proprietary systems that offer plain and simple strategies. All driven by hard facts and proven methods. In fact, we are so well-founded in our commitment; we are the only PR firm that offers a written Guarantee of Results!

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    Respect – Trust

    Our Clients get recognized as “Rockstars” in the media!

    Did You Know… Starch Research reports that a great news or feature story has 6-times the readership with 3-times the credibility of a paid advertisement.  Yet, practitioners continue to waste tens of thousands – if not millions – of dollars on advertising annually while missing all those great, credibility-building live media and online exposure opportunities.

    That doesn’t have to be your story!  Our highly skilled Doctor’s PRx healthcare PR teams are always looking for more new healthcare clients to promote in your market in your specific discipline or category!

    Don’t wait another day – you never know when the media may be calling us looking for your story. If you’re not our client, your competition will get the media spotlight instead of you.

    Remember…Great Publicity is always FREE and provides tremendous third party validation to our clients!

    Imagine you and your practice being invited to speak as an expert on topics relevant to your practice discipline. Our clients love being featured and appearing regularly on live TV & Radio Talk Show interviews appearing in magazine articles, feature stories, and saving a lot of money in the process!

    This type of publicity is also much more trusted and humanizes our doctors and healthcare clients in such a way that drive more to patients to them above others in their practice discipline.

    Wellness – Massage – Herbal – Chiropractic – Physical Therapy – Nurse Practitioners – Holistic – Ayurveda – Alternative & More...
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    Treatment & Trauma Centers Non-Profits – Substance Abuse Rehab – Nursing Homes – Assisted Living...
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    Medical & Healthcare
    Medical – Hospitals - MedSpa – Family Practice – Group Practice – Multiple Practice Locations – Specialized Medicine...
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    Healthcare Rockstars
    Be Featured on Live TV & Radio Talk Show Interviews, Newspaper & Magazine Feature Stories & Coming up all over the Internet!...
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    All Clients approved into our program are Guaranteed Client Exclusivity within the designated market for as long as you remain an ongoing client with our firm

    Act NOW before your competition even finds out about us!

    Special Promotional Pricing available to qualified practitioners.

    A Whole NEW Approach

    Guaranteed Exclusivity!

    Act NOW, before your competition even finds out about us!

    What Our Clients Say


    My relationship with your firm has been an overwhelming success. Over the years, I’ve worked with many PR agencies and professionals, but your firm brings a huge difference: big media exposure up front. Often the first few months! Before, I always heard my media contact saying it is “in progress” but with Doctors PRx ...
    Attachment image #2607
    Gene H - CHT, Medical Seminar Designer, Author NY
    Wow! What an amazing Grand Opening celebration you created for my Area Development Franchise. In just a few weeks your team arranged for City Fathers, (including the Mayor) prominent business owners, celebrities, local dignitaries, with lots of media coverage and even a media press conference at the Area Chamber ...
    Attachment image #2569
    Alex B -Home Healthcare
    I wanted to send you a letter of gratitude for the outstanding work your PR team of journalists and publicists have done on our behalf during our initial 3 weeks of retaining your firm. We especially appreciate the “hustle” by our personal media coach “ Shay” in preparation for the Houston TX “Franchise Expo”. With your assistance ...
    Attachment image #2615
    Robert J. - COO National Healthcare
    We are amazed at the remarkable mix of community based publicity, social media and SEO you continue to accomplish for my medical practice! We are finally attracting our target client base. In addition to the great PR, we really appreciate the floating landing pages that keep us in front of our patients and community in such a positive way...
    Attachment image #2609
    Dr. David D - MD IN

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